• List of Products

    Api-Ciprocin 10 ml

    Api-Loprost Eye Drops 2.5 ml 

    Api-Mucol Sp 200 ml

    Apisal Drops 15 ml

    Apisal Jet Nasal Spray 125 ml

    Apisal Singles Unidose Ampoules 30 x 5 ml

    Apisal Sparkling Nasal Spray 50 ml

    Api-Tobrason Eye Drops 5 ml

    Api-Tobrason Eye Ointment 5 gm

    Betafucin S/C 15 gm

    Decozal 0.1% Metered Dose Nasal Spray 10 ml

    Dermofucin S/C 30 gm

    Dewax Ear Drops, 10 ml

    Elisone 0.1% Skin Cream, 15 gm

    Elisone 0.1% Skin Cream, 30 gm

    HydrEYE dry eye relief drops 30*0.4 ml 

    Isotears Eye Drops 15 ml

    Licemafi (Dimethicone Dual Formula Spray) 50 ml

    Loprostan Eye Drops  2.5 ml

    Mycoderm V Vaginal Cream 40 gm 

    Optifucin Viscous Eye Drops 5 gm

    Tobracin Eye Drops 10 ml 

    Tobracin Eye Ointment 5 gm 

    Otocol 10ml

    Sinocort Metered Dose Nasal Spray 12 ml

    Vapicil microdoser Nasal Spray 15 ml

  • List of Products

    EmuFlex Cream 70ml

    EmuHeal Cream 30ml

    RootCare Cream 30ml

    KenaRoid Cream 40 ml

  • List of Products

    90% Protein, 100 tabs

    Brewer`sYeast 1000mg, 250tabs

    Calcium 600+Vitamin D3, 60tabs

    Cider Vinegar 600mg, 200tabs

    Cod Liver Oil, 100soft.

    Cranberry C & E Fruit Concentrate, 100 Softgels

    Daily Complete, 30 Tablets

    Easy Iron 28 mg, 30 Caps

    Glucosamine Cho&msm, 60tabs

    Hydrolysed Collagen 1500+VitC, 60 Caps

    Lutein&zeanx Complex, 60soft.

    Magnesium Oxide 250mg, 30 Tabs

    Milk Thistle 1000 mg Softgel

    Prenatal Formula, 30 Tabs

    Salmon Oil 1000mg, 60soft.

    Skin Hair & Nails, 60tabs

    Super B Complex, 50tabs

    Total Immunity Zinc 25 mg, 30tabs.

    Triple Omega 3-6-9, 60Soft.

    Vitamin E 1000IU, 50soft.

    Vitamin E 400IU, 100soft.

  • List of Products

    Arthro 7 Nutrivita 90 caps

    Herbal Laxative Formula, 100 Tabs

    Intelectol, 50 Tablets

  • List of Products

    Ultra Vit Multi Vitamins Adults efferv. 20tabs/  Sugar free

    Ultra Vit Calcium+Vitamin C efferv. 20tabs/ Sugar free

    Ultra Vit Vitamin C LEMON efferv. 20tabs/  Sugar free

    Ultra Vit Vitamin C ORANGE efferv. 20tabs/  Sugar free

    Ultra Vit Multi Vitamins Kids efferv. 20tabs/  Sugar free

  • List of Products

    Influostim 8 Doses, Influenza States

  • List of Products

    A wide range of food supplement with ready files for registration at the LMOH.

  • List of Products

    A1cnow+:  Fast & Accurate HbA1C results

    CardioCheck PA Analyser: Fast & Accurate Lipid results

    Lipid Panels 15 strips: Chol, Tryg, HDL, LDL & Total Chol results all in one strip

  • List of Products

    A wide range of digital thermometers, humidifiers, nebulizers, oxymeters, blood pressure monitors, Massage machines, personal scales and others HealthCare products.

  • List of Products

    Hyalurmed Oral drops  100ml

  • List of Products

    Pharmacy drawers system, pharmacy furniture...

  • List of Products

    Onko one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in Turkey, having original and generic biosimilar products. Several items are under registration at the LMOH.

  • List of Products

    1-On Call Sure CE Blood Glu Test Strips(25/vial, 2 vials/kit)

    2-On Call Sure CE Blood Glu Monitoring System (mg/dL)

    3-Mission CE Optical Cholesterol meter only (mg/dL)

    4-Mission CE Cholesterol Test Devices-3-1 Lipid Panel(5 pouches/kit)

    5-On-Call CE Lancet (100T/kit)